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Services Offered by Lacertus Verum:

Lacertus Verum offers a wide range of transport economics and railway related management advisory services.† Our experience is particularly relevant to dealing with the complex, often bewildering world of Infrastructure Access.† We are also well versed in many other facets of railway management.† The categories below highlight just some of the business areas where we can assist our clients.

To enable competition on railways requires the track owner to allow train operators access to their tracks.

Australia and other countries have adopted various approaches to rail infrastructure access.† The natural monopoly nature of rail infrastructure means that these arrangements are usually regulated.

Lacertus Verum has extensive experience in working with regulators, track owners, train operators and other stakeholders on rail access matters at both a regulatory and commercial level.

Rail Infrastructure Access

An essential start for any successful venture, whether it be an additional service or a whole new business, is thorough planning.† For most businesses, particularly those with complex networks like transport businesses, this also requires detailed modelling of the proposed operation.

Lacertus Verum staff have worked on numerous projects from inception, providing rigorous traffic, revenue, operational and cost planning and modelling.

Operational, revenue and cost modeling is typically confidential, so we canít show you examples here óbut feel free to ask us what we can do for you.

Operations & Business Modelling and Planning

Commercial negotiation requires:

 an understanding of your goals

 a thorough knowledge of your options


 an ability to find (or create) the common ground that allows parties to agree

Lacertus Verum staff have been involved in a variety of successful negotiations, in particular, negotiating infrastructure access, rail haulage and rolling stock supply, with their many complexities and nuances.

Business development is about:

 knowing your product and the markets where you can successfully deploy that product,

 packaging your product to suit that market, and

 presenting that product to its best advantage.

Lacertus Verum can help if you are looking for assistance in developing a rail business, particularly in freight haulage, regardless of whether it is containers, heavy haul or general bulk.

Click here to see examples of submissions worked on by Lacertus Verum staff.

Commercial Negotiation

Business Development

As commercial negotiations are typically confidential, we canít show you examples here ó why not ask what we can do for you.

The heart of any train operation is the rolling stock.

Lacertus Verum can provide advice in relation to all aspects of the management of a rolling stock fleet including:

 fleet strategy & planning

 locomotive, wagon and train capability and performance

 rolling stock acquisition

 maintenance strategies and requirements

 life-cycle costing

Our staff have substantial expertise in managing rolling stock fleets, including project managing the acquisition of new equipment particularly in the areas of heavy haul and passenger cars.

Rolling Stock & Fleet Management

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